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About Our Company

Danger is all around us – in the office, at home and in the water.

Blueguard delivers tailored training & certification to lifeguards, businesses and residents of the UAE in Water Safety and First Aid. We know that the training we provide saves lives as we arm people with the skills and confidence to know what to do in the critical time between an accident happening and the ambulance arriving.

We have created a home-grown curriculum that is in tune with the needs of the region and the bespoke needs of each client. We work to the highest standards and ensure we are externally assessed constantly, such is our commitment to providing the highest quality training in the market.

We are actively engaged in the community we serve by providing training to over 3228 individuals since 2018. While many have come on our courses as a result of being in an emergency situation, we are now seeing far greater awareness of citizenship and the responsibility of knowing what to do in an emergency. We champion this constantly and are proud to see many residents and businesses now pre-empting accident and emergency scenarios by equipping themselves and their teams with the essential skills to preserve life.

The UAE is a wonderful place to live and work and it is unique in many ways. The risks that exist in this part of the world are a unique combination that occur as a result of the terrain, the weather and the presence of aquatic activities. We know that this means standard training programs simply don’t cut it – content must be adapted to the UAE way of life and we have ensured our curriculum is tailored to this region.



Our values represent the fundamental beliefs of Blueguard. They define our culture and how we make decisions, how we interact with each other and our clients and how we behave. They guide us and we live by them:


From day one we have cared deeply about every aspect of our business – this comes from each of us wanting to make a very real, human difference.  This drives us every day.  We are doing something that really matters to every customer we serve.


Every person that takes the step to train with us is entrusting us with a huge responsibility – we take that very seriously and recognize that the skills we pass on could one day lead to a life changing event.  We continually build on this trust as we serve our customers time and time again – they count on us to be there for them.


We are always looking at ways to innovate how training is delivered – from rethinking the format of training courses and creating bespoke sessions to designing new digital training aids which enable our customers to reflect back on their training via their smartphone and keep their skills fresh.  We never stop thinking about how we can evolve.


To make everyone a lifesaver 

Our vision drives us every day. 

We are passionate to share essential skills which will transform the abilities of people to take life-saving action and bring about real impact.


To reduce fatalities in the UAE by empowering people with the skills and confidence to save lives.

Through a combination of experienced world-class trainers and the latest technology, we are equipping our clients with the tools they need, and the mindset required, to take action when an accident happens. Day in, day out we train lifesaving skills and we are driven by the impact our work has. 

Our Team

Blueguard Middle East was founded on the love and respect for the ocean – with an inherent understanding of the dangers it can present. Our team is made up of people who have all made a difference and who are spurred on by the impact a small action can make in the biggest of emergencies.

We are a family and every new client joins our extended family – we are in the business of saving lives and once we work together our connection is cemented for the future. We are there for our clients when they need us.

“Team Blueguard” has a combination of 97 years of hands-on International experience, with a background from the United Kingdom in “The Royal National Life Boat Institution” (RNLI), “The Royal Life Saving Society” (RLSS) as well as The Philippine Red Cross Disaster Management Service, specializing in “Aquatic Safety”.

Our Team works effortlessly on a daily basis to re-invent the way we generate awareness about what Blueguard stands for, and how we customize training that is tailored to the “learner outcomes” of each individual.

Luke Cunningham

Managing Director

Lara Ghanem


Dan Dexter Pamplona

Lifeguard & First Aid Instructor

Chantal Aasaad

Marketing and Communication Manager

Kim Beasley

Lifeguard & First Aid Instructor