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Luke Cunningham, Managing Director & Founder, created Blue Guard in October 2017, Dubai – UAE, out of a deep passion for the ocean and a strong desire to keep people safe.

Training and Certification of Lifeguards and First Aiders are the core services offered and courses can be customized to meet any workplace environment. Trainings can be delivered according to your company’s Risk Assessments and further consultation can be provided if Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) need to be created or modified.

During the examination of Lifeguards, the quality Blue Guard delivers is guaranteed by our external examiners, to ensure the results obtained are based on 100% competency.

Courses on Lifeguarding & First Aid Training, provide a hands-on approach to educating people the importance of “Life Saving” and ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform in emergency scenarios.

“Team – Blue Guard” works effortlessly on a daily basis to re-invent the way we generate awareness about what Blue Guard stands for, and how we customize training that is tailored to each individual learner’s “outcome”.

  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Innovation


The future we are building recognizes Blue Guard as the leading ‘innovative’ provider for ‘Lifeguard & First Aid’ Training & certification, by incorporating technology that will transform our customer experience and build safer communities.

Our TEAM is proud of what we stand for and teach with ‘Passion’ to deliver the ‘Quality’ standards our company is renowned for. STUDENTS who complete our programs provide positive feedback to their network and our PARTNERS and this further strengthens the ‘Trust’ we have in our relationships. This continues to strengthen our COMMUNITIES. INVESTORS see long-term opportunities with us since we have an endlessly ‘successful’ impact on making The WORLD a safer place. Our ability to spread ‘Awareness’ is key to us achieving our end goal: A ‘Safer World’ for all.

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The ‘brand’ of Blue Guard will represent a trademark of quality. Through our perseverance of positive change, working alongside governments, every Lifeguard will go through our training program. We will work tirelessly for it to become compulsory by law to obtain a “First Aid” license when applying for a driver’s license. Anyone working with children must have a ‘First Aid’ certification. Every parent must learn ‘First Aid’ as a pre-requisite to having a child. Schools will eventually implement ‘First Aid’ as part of their curriculum which will establish a safer future environment for the generations to come. Our end goal is for every person to be “First Aid” trained.

We will establish the “Blue Guard Centre of Excellence” which will consist of a swimming pool where hydraulic turbines create waves that will replicate rough seas. Training rooms will surround the pool to incorporate “Emergency First Aid Training” for a complete 360 experience. Other companies in our industry will notice the value we deliver and will use our facility to further enhance their customer experiences. The innovative technology we will incorporate in our education platforms will allow anyone, anywhere, the access to “lifesaving” skills & techniques.

The Blue Guard team will travel to under privileged countries and refugee camps, to spread awareness of Basic First Aid which will in turn save countless lives. Blue Guard will set up “Surf Life Saving Clubs” that will teach water competency and water safety skills incorporating all age groups.

Either directly or indirectly, Blue Guard will impact millions of families worldwide by keeping their loved ones safe. The world will be a safer place as a result of Blue Guard’s stamp.

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Blue Guard recognizes the need for bespoke training and tailors every program to meet the ‘dynamic’ requirements of each individual learner and company.

The training provided will be flexible & responsive and will qualify and provide candidates with real-world skills and confidence to deal effectively with workplace emergencies, whether on a beach, in a swimming pool, in an office or at home.

Blue Guard will make every individual a lifesaver so that every family has one.


Our team at Blue Guard has a combination of 45 years of hands on International experience with a background in the Royal National Life Boat Institution (RNLI), The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) in the United Kingdom and The Philippines Red Cross Disaster Management Service specializing in aquatic safety.


Luke Cunningham

Managing Director


Lara Ghanem



Dan Dexter Pamplona

Lifeguard & First Aid Instructor


Chantal Aasaad

Marketing and Communication Manager


Kim Beasley

Lifeguard & First Aid Instructor


Sheryl Clotario

Office Manager