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Swimming Pool Safety Qualification 8 Hours

What is The Swimming Pool Safety Qualification

The Swimming Pool Safety Qualification which is part of our lifeguard courses is for anyone wanting to work in and around indoor or outdoor swimming pools but not as a lifeguard. This qualification is also highly recommended for swim coaches and swimming instructors . Students will learn how to prevent an incident from happening and how to perform effective rescues when an emergency takes place.

Which Types of Companies Should Do the Pool Lifeguard Qualification Course

The Swimming Pool Safety Qualification is suitable for all pool operators and companies operating swimming pools in the UAE that require personnel to be working along pool side. This qualification is especially good for , schools, swim clubs, leisure & fitness centres, open to [members of] the public. The course is also beneficial for swim coaches, schoolteachers, leisure facility staff, security guards/staff and anyone with a duty of care/safety role to protect people/keeping people safe around pools/water.

How is the Swimming Pool Safety Qualification Taught & Assessed?

Traditional ‘face-to-face’ classroom teaching . The course is 8 hours long

What Will I Learn On the Swimming Pool Safety Qualification?

  1. Identify roles and responsibilities of the pool operator and other personnel working in the pool area
  2. Describe the key steps to risk assessment
  3. Describe the hazard categories, hazards and risks in and around the pool.
  4. Explain the different control measures for pool hazards ( Schools, Swimming clubs, hotels, private pools, activity camps )
  5. Explain the importance of PSOP
  6. Explain the structure and the purpose of the NOP
  7. Explain the structure and the purpose of the EAP
  8. Explain the importance of incident/accident reporting
  9. Identify the key information when recording and reporting incidents or accidents
  10. Alert the lifeguard and colleagues to an emergency
  11. Select and apply appropriate rescue methods to safely rescue a conscious casualty from the pool
  12. Recover an unconscious submerged casualty and bring them safely to a point of support
  13. Remove an unconscious casualty from the pool with assistance
  14. Safely turn and assess an unconscious casualty on the poolside
  15. Demonstrate safe entry and stabilization of a casualty in shallow water with a suspected spinal injury

Pool Lifeguard Qualification Pre-requisites & Assessment

  1. Be at least 16 years of age
  2. Swim 50 metres non-stop in a comfortable manner
  3. Perform a surface dive to the bottom of the pool and recover a 4kg weight from the deepest part of the pool
  4. Be able to read and speak basic English

What Certificate will I receive?

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Swimming Pool Safety

How Long are the Swimming Pool Safety Qualification Certificates Valid for?

The Swimming Pool Safety certificate is valid for 2 years

Do I need to renew the Pool Lifeguard Qualification certificate license?

Yes. You must renew your Swimming Pool Safety Qualification every 2 years. To renew you must complete the full 8 hours training.

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