Event Cover:

Blue Guard can provide licensed and professional lifeguards for your event

Risk Management

Accompany Blue Guard as we walk through your facility or event site identifying strengths and weaknesses in your operation. We will examine areas for dangerous conditions and practices, which might lead to legal exposure and advise on the best solutions to minimize risk

Lifeguard Audit

Blue Guard can make an unannounced visit to your facility and evaluate your staff’s performance, focusing on lifeguard readiness, attentiveness, and if requested, emergency response. All lifeguard audits are documented in writing and followed up with complete written evaluation identifying areas for improvement and further training.

Continual training

Blue Guard can offer an ongoing training program for your business, to make sure that your staff maintains their fitness and competency levels.

International Level Health and Safety Training Courses in Dubai

Blue Guard ME is a widely recognised provider of high-quality health and safety courses in Dubai and the UAE. We have a team of safety consultants and trainers based at our safety training center in Dubai sharing their expertise to individuals, groups and companies that wish to be prepared and equipped for any emergency situation.

Blue Guard ME Safety Training in Dubai & UAE

We provide a range of training courses on safety and health to equip participants with all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience they need to deal with any life-threating emergency in a quick, effective and organised manner. The courses we are offering are best for individuals seeking to get certified or recertified.

We provide the following health and safety-related training courses:

  • First Aid Training
  • Lifeguard Certification (Pool & Beach)
  • Consultancy

Our courses are based on the latest industry findings and standards to reflect the best practices recommended and applied by leading institutions worldwide. This way, participants benefit from learning tested and proven methods in emergency response, which significantly helps increase a person’s chances of survival.

Aside from providing customised training programmes to clients in the UAE, we also specialise in conducting Risk Assessments and preparing Emergency Action Plans to enable your organisation or company to enhance workplace security.

Meet our safety consultants and instructors

Our team is made up of professional instructors who are extremely motivated and driven in achieving excellent results. We are passionate about sharing our practical experience and insight to help participants understand the basics of each safety course and better retain information for future application.

Each instructor from our team provides spot-on advice and guides each participant throughout the exercises and routines. By the end of the course, participants are expected to be confident and adept at demonstrating all the life-saving and emergency response measures they have learned.