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Who Is The Audit For & Why Should I Do It?

The Lifeguard Safety Audit which is part of our consultancy services is for any aquatic facility owner or operator that takes a proactive approach to water safety seriously in assessing their safety practices. Each step taken to improve procedures and operation practices will reduce the potential for injuries. The process of the safety audit will reinforce safety awareness in facility staff and educate staff in the correct industry standard and safety practices.

How is the Audit Conducted?

A member of the Blue Guard team will visit your site/facility and conduct a visual audit on your individual lifeguard or team and record their findings.

What Does the Audit Include?

  1. Lifeguard Hygiene
  2. Lifeguard Equipment
  3. Lifeguard Behaviour
  4. Lifeguard Communication
  5. Incident Management
  6. Local and International compliance
  7. Full Report and Review

Audit pre-requisites?

Venues must have a risk assessment, standard operating plan and emergency action plan already in place.

Will I Get a Report?

Yes, once the Audit is completed you will receive a full documented report with photo and video evidence. One the report is ready, it will be presented and explained in your team.

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