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first aid training for gyms

Dubai is famous for its vibrant fitness industry with a new gym or fitness center opening every other day. Young people, typically between the ages of 18 to 35, often form a significant portion of gym memberships due to their interest in fitness and wellness. Other people who frequent gyms may have goals of weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle building and strength gain. Most of the time, these goals incorporate individuals pushing themselves beyond their limits and accidents or medical emergencies can happen as a result of these objectives. Reports have shown that people die of heart attacks younger in the United Arab Emirates than the rest of the world. 250,000 people die from asthma attacks worldwide each year.

Since 2017, and across the years, Blueguard Middle East has worked with a number of gyms in the United Arab Emirates, offering risk assessments and bespoke first aid training courses for gym staff, tailored to their gym environment. Gyms are extremely active environments with higher risks of accidents and injuries occurring. Having gym staff trained appropriately in first aid will ensure that they can provide immediate assistance and potentially lifesaving interventions in the case of emergencies. 

Have a look around your gym. Do you know where the first aid kits are? What does the first aid box contain? Is the first aid box appropriately stocked with the correct items? Does your gym have a functioning defibrillator? Do the gym staff have valid first aid licenses or are they expired? Do the gym staff know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and know how to efficiently operate the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)? If the answer to any of the above is “No”, then get in touch with our team via our “book now” form, email: or WhatsApp: +9715569980531. We can help you!

Why is first aid training important in gyms?

Imagine a scenario where a young man is sprinting extremely fast on a treadmill. This man looks exhausted and all of a sudden, falls to the floor clutching his heart. People around him run to him to offer help however no one has been trained in first aid and no one knows what to do. Every minute that passes, reduces the chances of this man’s survival. Simply knowing the correct emergency services number to dial will save time. 

First Aid Training is important in gyms, because the chances of people suffering from accidents or illnesses are higher, and gym staff have to be prepared to take the necessary action if an emergency was to take place. The team at Blueguard Middle East have worked with many reputable gyms in Dubai who ensure that almost all their staff, particularly those responsible for member assistance and safety, receive first aid training. We recommend that if possible, all gym staff undergo a first aid training course, to minimize any possible risks of an accident or emergency taking place.

First Aid Training for Gyms course description

Taking a “First Aid Training for Gyms” course with Blueguard will teach you the roles and responsibilities of a first aider, how to assess an incident and how to deal with external bleeding, hypovolemic shock and minor injuries. You will learn the different techniques used to administer the safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for infants, toddlers, children and adults. You will become responsible for identifying and responding to emergency situations, providing initial medical care and stabilizing an injured or ill person before professional medical help arrives. This course will add value for you in the gym as well as in your personal life. 

The First Aid Training for Gyms course with Blueguard Middle East can either be taught in our training center or at your preferred choice of venue. We fully customize this course according to your work environment considering real life scenarios that can happen.

What topics are covered in a First Aid Training for Gyms course?

Employees will learn to:

  1. Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
  2. Be able to assess an emergency situation safely.
  3. Be able to provide first aid to an unresponsive casualty.
  4. Be able to provide first aid to a casualty who is choking.
  5. Be able to provide first aid to a casualty with external bleeding.
  6. Know how to provide first aid to a casualty who is suffering from shock.
  7. Know how to provide first aid to a casualty with minor injuries.
  8. Know how to safely use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Who should attend the First Aid for Gyms course?

If you come on our First Aid Training for Gyms course, upon successful completion you will receive a Highfield Level 3 International Award in Emergency First Aid and use of an AED and CPR for all ages certification. This course is for gym staff, such as personal trainers, who would like to become first aiders in the gym or gyms who wish to train their gym staff to become first aiders in the gym. If you work for a gym in Dubai or The United Arab Emirates, then this course is for you. If you are personal trainer working as a freelancer or employed by a gym, then this course is for you.

First Aid for Gyms course Assessment and Certification

Gym Staff will receive The Highfield Level 3 International Award in Emergency First Aid and use of an AED and CPR for all ages, upon successful completion of a First Aid Training for Gyms course.

The duration of this course is 7 hours with a practical assessment and multiple-choice theory assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment gym staff will get the certificate within 24 hours from sitting the course. For a blended learning option, gym staff can complete the Online Emergency First Aid at Work course and then attend only a five hour First Aid Training for Gyms course in-person.

Gym staff will be taught each of the learner outcomes in stages where the teacher will physically demonstrate the various skills and techniques and then have gym staff physically show them what they have learnt. This ongoing assessment requires gym staff to demonstrate practical first aid skills. Gym staff will also be required to answer a series of questions, using multiple choice exam papers or via oral questioning, depending on the teacher’s preferred choice.  

What is the Legal Requirement for First Aid in gyms?

Legally, an exact percentage of gym staff required to be first aid trained does not exist, however as per global standards, we recommend that you place as many gym staff as possible on a first aid training course. Every additional gym staff member you place on a first aid course, increases the chances of survival for an individual they choose to help in a medical emergency whether this occurs in the gym environment or in their personal lives.

How many first aiders does your gym need?

A legal number has not yet been announced on how many first aiders are required in the gym. The more gym staff you place on a first aid course, the higher the chances of survival for an individual they choose to help in a medical emergency. Gyms are expected to assess the risks present in their workplace and determine the appropriate number of gym staff to be trained in first aid accordingly. 

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