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Blue Guard ME Lifeguard Training – Ensuring Water Safety for All
According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, with an estimated 360,000 cases every year. By undergoing training and getting a lifeguard certificate, you can prevent water-related risks and injury in indoor and outdoor pools, public beaches, private resorts, and even right in your own home.

Lifeguard Training in Dubai

Blue Guard ME provides lifeguard training courses on an internationally recognised level. Stay safe in public pools or open beaches, by undergoing a lifeguard training course led by our seasoned and certified team of lifeguards. Our lifeguard program is available for individual and group participants in Dubai and the UAE.
With a team of experienced life guards, we are fully capable and equipped to provide water safety training to a wide range of participants. Our program is updated according to the highest levels of British standards and protocols, so you benefit from the most effective emergency response practices and rescue techniques.
Our lifeguard training course will provide you with first-hand knowledge and experience to implement CPR, first aid and AED, should the situation call for it. Our programme will train you to be alert, act fast with caution, and provide care and instruction to people around you. We will provide you with the tools and skills you need to help yourself and others.
Upon successful completion of the training all candidates will have to pass a practical and knowledge assessment conducted by Highfield. HIghfield are the awarding body and Highfield will certify the candidate