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Blueguard Middle East DMCC has received accreditation from Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) in relation to lifeguard certification. This accreditation demonstrates a compliance with the ISO17024 Standard that governs certifying bodies as well as the lifeguard scheme, issued by the Dubai Municipality, Public Safety & Health Department.

This certification scheme has been developed (and is regulated by) Dubai Accreditation Centre, with the assistance of the Dubai Lifeguard Scheme Committee (LSC) and is implemented by highly qualified professional individuals. It sets standards and fairly measures the knowledge and proficiency required from learners for the safe lifeguarding of pools, water-parks and beachfronts. The LSC has identified the following potential benefits of a professional lifeguard certification:

BlueGuard Middle East has been accredited by the Dubai Accreditation Department to provide certification for persons who successfully pass lifeguarding courses in 3 specialties:

emirates international accreditation centre eiac

All lifeguards who wish to work in Dubai are now required to obtain a certification from an accredited certifying body, such as BlueGuard Middle East DMCC, prior to working as a lifeguard in the Emirate regardless of prior qualifications & experience.

The following documents are for reference regarding our accreditation:

  • Impartiality Statement (hyperlink to PDF document)
  • Lifeguard registration and certification
  • Lifeguard Code of Ethics
  • Complaints Policy
  • Appeals Policy

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