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Enhance safety and emergency readiness with our safety & emergency training courses
At Blue Guard ME, we are committed to empowering individual and corporate clients by giving them the tools and training they need to carry out emergency response and mitigate the possibility of loss of life and further injury to the people around them.

First Aid Training Courses in Dubai & UAE

The immediate application of first aid can make a big difference between life and death. Be it an accident on the road or a case of heart attack in the work place, emergency response can increase a person’s chance of survival. If you would like to equip yourself, or your staff, with the knowledge and skills to provide emergency first response, then browse through the options of our first-aid training courses in Dubai & UAE, and select the course that is right for you.
Blue Guard ME First Aid Courses – Preparing You for An Emergency
We offer British standard training courses to individuals and groups to enable them to apply appropriate first-aid measures in any emergency situation in a calm and organised manner. We have a team of experienced and certified first-aid experts who can train you and/or your personnel, making you eligible to get a first aid certificate as proof that you completed the training program. After completing our first-aid training course, participants are able to:
Efficiently deal with any emergency crisis with a calm demeanour, allowing you to identify and make the best decision given the situation at hand