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lifeguard recruitment and interviews

The Lifeguard recruitment program which is part of our consultancy services is for any company looking to recruit and hire new lifeguards. New lifeguards are hired from overseas only to fail to the lifeguard prerequisites of training when they arrive. This not only waste’s time and money for companies but it is also a loss of revenue because lifeguards cannot be deployed. The lifeguard recruitment program is especially useful for Hotel chains, security companies, facilities management and manpower companies that are recruiting new lifeguards.

Recruitment Duration

This depends on the number of lifeguards a client wishes recruit.

How Is The Recruitment & Interviews Conducted?

A member of the Blueguard team will work closely with your HR and preferred overseas agent to understand the English competency required for the role. We will then travel to the chosen destination for recruitment and carry out the interview. We will provide a full report and confirm which candidates are suitable for recruitment.

What Does The Recruitment & Interviews Include?

  1. Swim testing
  2. Water skills testing
  3. English proficiency testing (this is usually done as an MCQ test)
  4. One to One interview
  5. Report writing and recommendations


All travel and accommodation must be provided by the client.

Recruitment Pre-requisites?

There must be a swimming pool and classroom available at the location of recruitment. English competency level must be provided by the client before traveling.

Will I Get a Report?

Yes, once the interviews are completed, we will provide a full report with our recommendations on who to hire.

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