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Lifeguard Compliance Audit


Who Is The Audit For & Why Should I Do It?

The Lifeguard compliance audit which is part of our consultancy services is for any aquatic facility owner or operator that would like to know if their operation is in compliance with local and international legislation.


How is the Audit Conducted?

A member of the Blue Guard team will visit your site/facility and conduct a visual audit at your facility and record their findings.


What Does the Audit Include?

1- Dubai Lifeguard scheme requirements
2- Abu Dhabi Lifeguard scheme requirements
3- Dubai Municipalities requirements
4- Abu Dhabi Municipalities requirements
5- Other Emirates Municipalities requirements
6- International best practice


Audit pre-requisites?

No pre-requisites required


Will I Get a Report?

Yes, Once the Audit is completed you will receive a full documented report with photo and video evidence. One the report is ready, it will be presented and explained in your team.


2 Hours
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