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At Blueguard ME, our vision is “to make every individual a lifesaver”.

We offer a range of Government approved online first aid courses which give you the flexibility to manage your own time when progressing through the coursework. You will receive an e-certificate upon successful completion for each of our online first aid courses.

Online first aid courses at Blueguard ME are for:

  • Employees who are interested in becoming dedicated workplace first aiders.
  • Companies who are interested in having first aiders in the workplace.
  • Anyone interested in improving their general understanding and awareness of first aid.
  • Students who want to learn first aid.
  • Parents who want to be prepared for any possible risk or emergency that could happen within their household.
  • Teachers who are responsible for the welfare of their students.
  • Personal trainers and coaches who are responsible for the welfare of their clients.
  • Nannies or childminders who are responsible for taking care of infants, toddlers, children and the elderly.
  • People who want to add value within their communities.


Furthering your knowledge of first aid will give you the confidence and tools to know what to do if you choose to help in an emergency.

If you wish to receive a license and certification to administer first aid or if this is required by your organization, then you will have to join one of our in-person first aid training courses or then go for a blended learning first aid option. As a blended learning first aid option, if you complete any of our online first aid courses then you will spend less time on any of our in-person first aid trainings as you would have already learnt some of the material online.

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Training and Certification of Lifeguards and First Aiders are the core services offered and courses can be customized to meet any workplace environment. Trainings can be delivered according to your company’s.

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