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According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that a worker dies every 15 seconds in the workplace from a work-related accident or disease. Workplace first aid training is fundamental in providing immediate care before professional medical help arrives. 

Understanding first aid, as well as being able to apply the correct knowledge and skillset in an emergency can be the difference between an individual’s life or death. Here comes our online first aid at work course, which is part of our online first aid courses.

Who is the ONLINE FIRST AID AT WORK course for & Who should attend?

The Online First Aid at Work course at Blueguard ME is for:

  • Employees and managers who are interested in becoming dedicated workplace first aiders.
  • Companies who are interested in having first aiders in the workplace.
  • Anyone interested in improving their general understanding and awareness of first aid.
  • Parents who want to be prepared for any possible risk or emergency that could happen within their household.
  • Students who want to learn first aid.
  • Teachers who are responsible for the welfare of their students.
  • Personal trainers and coaches who are responsible for the welfare of their clients.
  • Nannies who are responsible for the people within their care.
  • People who want to add value within their communities.

How is this ONLINE FIRST AID AT WORK course taught & assessed?

After confirming this course with Blueguard ME, all you need is internet connection. Simply access the course through the portal we share with you and work your way through the material and real life scenarios. The duration of this course is 9 hours with a multiple-choice theory assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment you will get your e-learning certificate of completion instantly.

For a blended learning option, you can complete the Online First Aid at Work course and then attend only a 2 day in-person training for: Advanced First Aid at work and use of an AED instead of 3 days

What will I learn on the ONLINE FIRST AID AT WORK course?

Online First Aid at Work is the next level up from Online Emergency First Aid at Work, and covers the understanding of:

  1. The roles and responsibilities of a First Aider.
  2. Assessing an incident.
  3. Managing an unresponsive casualty.
  4. Recognizing and assisting a choking casualty.
  5. Managing external bleeding and shock.
  6. Understanding minor injuries.
  7. Conducting a secondary survey.
  8. Administering first aid to a casualty with injuries to their bones.
  9. Head & spinal injuries.
  10. Suspected chest injuries.
  11. Burns or eye injuries.
  12. Sudden poisoning or anaphylaxis and major illnesses.

ONLINE FIRST AID AT WORK Course pre-requisite & assessment

No prior knowledge is needed to complete this course.

Will I get a certificate from the ONLINE FIRST AID AT WORK course?

Yes, upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an e-certificate instantly. If you are interested in obtaining a license in first aid, then you will have to come to one of our in-person first aid courses so that one of our instructors can take you through the practical elements and assessment of the course.

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