Blue Guard & Pirate Surf Dubai

blue guard and pirate surf dubai

At Blue Guard, we take great pride in providing our clients with the life savings skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to safely work as licensed professional lifeguards. In addition to our First Aid and Lifeguard courses, we often partner with local organizations and are excited to announce our recent partnership with Pirate Surf Dubai.

Pirate Surf Dubai

Pirate surf and sea rescue is the only organization of its kind in the Middle East. The Pirate Surf program is designed to teach participants ages 5-18 how to save lives. Aside from learning these valuable life-saving skills, the program also promotes physical fitness, team work, self-confidence, and other important life values to create a better world. 

So, what makes this program so unique? The reputation of Pirate Surf Rescue has grown not only locally, but internationally as a leading provider of beach and water activities in the Middle East. Pirate Surf Dubai is one of the most diverse programs in the area offering children and adolescents access to new physical fitness challenges through fun activities such as MMA, SUP, surfing, jet skiing, etc. Additionally, Pirates also learn valuable rescue skills (water safety, lifeguard certification, and first aid), as well as aid in community relief (charity projects, marine and environmental conservation initiatives, etc.). With a team of over 47 different nationalities from a range of different backgrounds, Pirate Surf kids are taught the values of equality, acceptance, friendship and teamwork without borders.


Enter Blue Guard

As the reputation of Pirate Surf Rescue continues to grow, many UAE and international partnerships are developing. Pirate Surf Rescue is currently the largest provider of its kind offering weekly sessions to over 550 children. These children are placed in developmentally appropriate groups which support their growth through a pathway towards achieving their own personal goals. Their aim is to provide world-class coaching in a diverse program that maximizes the potential of every child. 

At Blue Guard, we are excited to partner with Pirate Surf for their Water Safety and First Aid Training. We have been asked to run weekly stations where we teach the young pirates valuable skills which could potentially save someone’s life! We will also be providing qualifications and licenses for the pirates over the age of 16 in the upcoming sessions.

In addition to providing lifeguard training to the pirates, Blue Guard will also provide Wilderness First Aid Training. These lifesaving skills are crucial for those who enjoy the outdoors but recognize the need for first aid training in the event of an emergency. Depending on the location of the wilderness event, access to emergency services might be anything from 4 hours to 2 days away, making this first aid training an essential component to experience the great outdoors safely and responsibly. We are also excited to be working with Pirate Surf and Dynamic Advanced Training Facility to create wilderness first aid and wilderness survival programs for the Pirate Surf community. 

blue guard dynamic advance training

Dynamic Advance Training 

The Dynamic Advanced Training Facility is a cutting-edge facility that offers comprehensive Safety and Emergency Procedures training (SEP), including both theoretical and hyper-realistic, hands-on training. Using industry-leading simulators and training equipment, to include arctic and jungle simulation rooms, along with a survival swimming pool, this innovative training center will provide students with the experience they need to thrive in their first aid and life-saving skills.

What do Participants of the Pirate Lifeguard and First Aid Programs Learn?

what do participants of the pirate lifeguard and first aid programs learn

Blue Guard training programs are designed to provide Pirates with the skills and confidence they need to act in a medical emergency. All programs are designed according to various age and skill levels, to ensure we are providing the best experience possible for all participants.

On land, Pirates will learn how to:

  • Clean and treat wounds
  • Immobilize fractures
  • Transport casualties to safe evacuation areas
  • First aid and CPR
  • And more 

On the water, Pirates will learn how to:

  • Navigate and tread water in rough and stormy conditions
  • Safely enter a survival raft
  • Identify and rescue a weak, injured, or unconscious swimmer
  • First aid and CPR
  • And more

How to Train With Us?

The next session of Pirate Surf Dubai will run in September. While the program is only open to Pirates, at Blue Guard we do offer lifeguard training, first aid training, and wilderness first aid to individuals 16 years of age and older. For more information on our pool, beach, or open water lifeguard training courses, please contact a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

luke cunningham managing director at blue guard

Luke Cunningham

Co-Founder & Managing Director