Tips to Prevent or Treat Injuries and Emergencies in the Wilderness

tips to prevent and treat injuries in the wilderness

Spending time in the wilderness, whether it’s climbing a mountain, deep sea diving, or hiking through the desert can be an exhilarating experience. In the wilderness, however, many things can go wrong due to the forces of mother nature. Being outdoors means being subject to a dynamic, always changing environment. Unexpected extreme weather can cause […]

What’s the Difference Between First Aid and Pediatric (Child) First Aid?

difference between first aid and pediatric first aid

Selecting a first aid course most suitable for your needs is very important. For most, a general first aid course will do the trick. For others, more specific training such as pediatric or wilderness first aid may be more suitable for their personalized goals. The ideal first aid course will provide students with all of […]

What is the Role of an Emergency First Aider? 

what is the role of an emergency first aider

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. This is why you should always be prepared. Whether you are at the pool, the beach, in the middle of the desert or simply walking in the mall, understanding how to administer first aid could save someone’s life. So what exactly is the role of an emergency first […]

Basic Life Support & Level 3 First Aid at Work Qualification: Everything You Need to Know

basic life support and level 3 first aid at work qualification

First aid training courses can play an important role in a person’s life – both as a responder and a recipient. Professionally first aid training is essential, especially when your work could be considered high risk (lifeguards, gyms, sports facilities and schools for example). As an unexpected responder to a public emergency, understanding the basics […]

Wilderness First Aid Vs. City First Aid

wilderness first aid vs city first aid

Basic first aid teaches people how to perform the skills necessary to keep people, at the very least, alive until the emergency services arrive. The casualty can then be taken to the hospital. Is first aid the same regardless of a casualty’s location? Is it the same if you’re in the middle of the desert, […]

The Importance of Learning Basic Life Support (BLS)

the importance of learning basic life support bls

Basic Life Support (BLS) course teaches the skills, techniques and understanding to provide effective life-saving care to a person in need. These skills are essential to safely assess an emergency situation, and then provide effective medical care during that emergency, whether in the public sphere or in the workplace.  But what exactly are BLS skills, […]

What are the Responsibilities of a First Aider?

what are the responsibilities of a first aider

Performing first aid in a crisis situation requires the emergency responders to be well prepared, calm under pressure, and knowledgeable about what it is they need to do during a life threatening emergency. You may be asking, what other responsibilities do first aid responders have? Well, let us tell you!  Always Be Prepared!  Being prepared […]

What are the Objectives of Administering First Aid?

what are the objectives of administering first aid

Emergency situations can occur unexpectedly, which is exactly why they are called emergencies. Whether you’re with friends at the pool, on a vacation, adventuring in the wilderness, or simply working in an office, a crisis can strike! Are you prepared to dress a wound, or prevent asphyxiation via administering, and or performing CPR?  If you […]

How to Choose the Best First Aid Certification Course

How to Choose the Best First Aid Certification Course

Searching for first aid courses may be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for. With so many options that are designed for a variety of scenarios, it can be difficult to determine which first aid course best suits your needs. At Blue Guard, we provide a variety of first aid training and […]

First Aid Myths & What You Should Do in an Emergency?

first aid myths

When an emergency strikes, we have to think and act fast. Yet, it can feel like a daunting task in the stress of the moment. In the moment of an emergency, we find ourselves thinking things like, “Do I apply pressure?” or “Does it need an ointment of some sort?”  Inexperienced and unexpecting responders often […]