The Importance of Lifeguard Certification & How it Helps to Get a Lifeguard Job

importance of lifeguard certification

With every swim, the swimmer takes on the inherent risk that something may go wrong. Whether at the beach or in a pool, risks such as drowning, injury, or another type of medical emergency may arise.  Between June 2018 and August 2019, 15 children lost their lives due to pool related drowning or injury. To avoid such tragedy, it is important to swim where a lifeguard is on duty. More importantly, swimmers should be under the watchful eye of a professional lifeguard who has received their lifeguard certification


What is Lifeguard Certification

A lifeguard certification class is designed to teach potential lifeguards everything they need to know to respond to drowning, and other water related incidents in their pool or body of water. Professional lifeguard certification classes, like those provided by the professionals at Blue Guard, are an important asset to every lifeguard. Certification courses provide lifeguards with the skills and confidence they need to save a life in the event of a water related accident or injury. In addition to those necessary skills, having a lifeguard certification has also proven to be an asset when looking for a lifeguard job, as it shows you’ve already put in the hard work necessary to become successful.


Importance of Professional Certification

Since 2017, the Dubai Municipality has worked toward achieving the highest standards of public health and safety by requiring, “…hotel establishments, education institutions and buildings that have swimming pools to provide hygiene and safety requirements in public pools, including the appointment of a qualified lifeguard, to be present on a permanent basis and the need for the lifeguard to possess a certification from a training and qualification company accredited with the EIAC.”

To uphold these standards of public health and safety, the team at Blue Guard provides professional courses requiring individuals to complete 40 hours of lifeguard skills and training to achieve their certification. Completion of a professional certification is important, not only because it makes you more employable, but it also shows you have mastered the following skills: 

  • Practical pool rescue skills (i.e., water rescues, recovery, extraction, etc.)
  • CPR and first aid
  • Lifeguard knowledge (i.e., identifying threats, accident prevention, etc.)
  • Completion of any physical ability requirements


How Lifeguard Certification Helps You Get a Job

how lifeguard certification helps you get a job

Lifeguards who hold a certification and are interviewing for jobs in the UAE are sure to be at the top of an employer’s list. Why? Because as previously mentioned, by law, every public pool, beach, or swimming area in the UAE is required to have a licensed lifeguard on duty who holds a valid certification. This is not only great news for public safety, but for you too, if you’re already certified! 

Having your professional certification shows employers you are serious about becoming a professional lifeguard. Furthermore, it shows that you take the responsibility of the safety of your swimmers seriously. Both of which make you a top contender for employment. Employers will be pleased to know that their potential candidate has already taken the time and effort to learn the necessary skills and has made the commitment to become certified. This saves employers time and money, as they won’t have to incur additional losses to get you trained. Additionally, they can start you right away without having to wait, which is imperative during times of lifeguard shortages. 

Blue Guard Personal Lifeguard Certification and Training

At Blue Guard, we offer lifeguard training courses in water safety and first aid for the lifeguards in the UAE. Our lifeguard certification courses are recognized by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) for Dubai and are valid for 2 years, adding merit to your future employability. 

If you are seeking certification in hopes of becoming employed as a lifeguard, we can help. Our lifeguard certificate and training provides participants with the skills they need to prevent water-related injuries across indoor and outdoor swimming pools and beaches. We look forward to working with you! 

luke cunningham managing director at blue guard

Luke Cunningham

Co-Founder & Managing Director