What are the Consequences of Having a Fake Lifeguard Certification?

the consequences of having a fake lifeguard certification

In February, the Federal National Council (FNC) passed the federal draft law intended to crack down on the penalties associated with fake education certifications. Consisting of 11 articles, the law covers offenses such as submitting bogus education certificates to secure jobs in the country or for certification or approval by competent authorities, including lifeguard certifications.

According to the new regulations, not only is it a crime to obtain and use a forged certification, but it is also a crime to participate in the issuance of a forged educational certificate. Penalties could range from fines between Dh30,000 to Dh1 million to imprisonment from three months to two years.


Lifeguarding in the UAE

By law, every pool, beach, or swimming area in the UAE open to the public is required to have a licensed lifeguard on duty who holds a valid certification approved by either the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) for Dubai or The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC) for Abu Dhabi.

The consequences of having a fake lifeguard certification go far beyond the penalties associated with the pending new legislation. Fake lifeguard certifications can lead to an accident, injury, and can even cost someone their life.


Certified Lifeguard Training Courses

Certified lifeguard training courses, like those offered by Blue Guard, are designed to ensure lifeguards know the essential skills needed to keep their pool, and those swimming in it, safe from harm. Additionally, recognized training programs ensure lifeguards have the basic skills needed to perform their lifeguard duties.

At Blue Guard, our lifeguard training courses are designed to teach participants:

  • Practical water rescue skills including personal safety during a rescue, poolside rescue techniques, in-water rescues (conscious and unconscious), the proper use of oxygen, and the recognition and treatment of a casualty who has sustained a spinal injury (i.e., proper use of the spine board).
  • First Aid and CPR  for babies, children, and adults, to include how to treat a choking victim, treating individuals who have suffered from a major wound (i.e., proper bandaging techniques and treatment for shock), and treating bone injuries (i.e., fractures and dislocations).
  • General lifeguard knowledge such as identifying common pool and water hazards, how to properly scan and observe a body of water, understanding the role of the lifeguard in preventing accidents, and incident management.


Blue Guard Personal Lifeguard Certification and Training

At Blue Guard, we offer lifeguard training courses in water safety and first aid for the lifeguards in the UAE. Not only are our certification courses recognized by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) for Dubai, but our training programs provide participants with the skills you will need to become a successful and responsible lifeguard.

Whether you are seeking a new certification or looking to renew an existing lifeguard certification, we can help. Our lifeguard certificate and training provides participants with the skills they need to prevent water-related risks and injuries across indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hotels, residential and community pools, public beaches, private resorts, and schools.

luke cunningham managing director at blue guard

Luke Cunningham

Co-Founder & Managing Director