Basic Life Support & Level 3 First Aid at Work Qualification: Everything You Need to Know

basic life support and level 3 first aid at work qualification

First aid training courses can play an important role in a person’s life – both as a responder and a recipient. Professionally first aid training is essential, especially when your work could be considered high risk (lifeguards, gyms, sports facilities and schools for example). As an unexpected responder to a public emergency, understanding the basics of first aid can potentially save someone’s life. First aid training can greatly improve a person’s chances of surviving an out of hospital medical emergency.

At Blueguard, we offer several different first aid training courses geared toward specific professions, passions, and skill sets. Keep reading to learn about which first aid course best suits you and your professional needs.

Who Needs Work-based First Aid Training?

Work-based first aid training is, as the name suggests, geared toward employees on the job. Most workplaces offer first aid training so their employees understand basic lifesaving skills and can respond to basic first aid situations: cleaning up cuts or bandaging minor wounds for example. Other workplaces may require different or more advanced levels of training. This will depend on the type of workplace and the kinds of accidents and injuries most likely to occur. Employees may need to respond to an emergency involving multiple first aid responses in a single shift. The type of workplaces most likely to need first aid training include professions such as firefighters, police officers, lifeguards, teachers, camp counselors, healthcare workers and many more.

Why First Aid Training for Work Is Important? 

Understanding the basics of first aid when at work is very important because we never know when accidents will occur. Emergency situations can arise from something as simple as a co-worker tripping over a rug, cutting their hand in the work canteen, or accidentally encountering chemicals or harmful gasses. Understanding how to effectively treat a casualty, knowing when to call for professional assistance, and how to manage a situation is always going to be beneficial. 

basic life support and level 3 first aid courses

Basic Life Support & Level 3 First Aid courses

Basic Life Support (BLS) courses cover ‘worst-case’ scenarios and are primarily concerned with casualties who have breathing or heart problems. It covers Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on adults, children and infants. Courses will also teach someone how and when to safely use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Choking is a surprisingly common and potentially life threatening situation. BLS courses will also include teaching a person how to deal effectively with choking in casualties of all ages.

There are two main types of Advanced First Aid At Work that can be taken:

  • Emergency First Aid At Work with AED (1-day course)
  • First Aid At Work (3-day course).

Both these Level 3 courses are more advanced and cover all the same skills as BLS plus many additional situations the first aider may find themselves in. They will include the following: 

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of first aid responders
  • Treating burns, bleeds, 
  • Recognising signs, symptoms and treatment of hypovolemic shock
  • How to minimize the risk of infection
  • A deeper understanding of the importance of CPR
  • Administering first aid to treat eye injuries, chest injuries, and head/spinal injuries
  • Treating someone who has been poisoned
  • Providing treatment to someone who has a range of other illnesses

Continue Your First Aid Training at Blueguard

The professionals at Blueguard offer first aid qualifications for a variety of skill levels and job opportunities. Every level of our first aid classes are designed to meet the prerequisites and requirements of the local facilities and municipalities across the UAE. Additionally, our courses aim to produce a well-rounded emergency responder, lifeguard, teacher, or everyday citizen seeking to learn life-saving skills. Each of our first aid certificated courses are reputable, informative and tailored to produce informed, and confident first responders.

Contact a team member to register for one of our upcoming first aid classes today! 

kim beasley life guard and first aid instructor at blue guard dubai

Kim Beasley

Lifeguard & First Aid Instructor